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McCue Creates New Industrial Safety Solution

McCue Creates New Industrial Safety Solution

As the Industrial workplace changes, the health and safety demand in the workplace will be changing with it. McCue, the industrial safety experts have been using their range of protection products in facilities around the world. The company has been working to deliver their customers the highest possible service with protection products for decades.

McCue has been selected to create walkway protections for a high profile customer. The Research and Development team at McCue have developed a new solution for the client that will protect walkways from potential danger of protruding ground level forklift truck forks. The result is a Polyethylene pedestrian barrier that is now becoming a vital part of the intelligent health and safety procedures being used in a number of different facilities.

The barriers are low maintenance and easy to use to organise a facility and segregate pedestrians from the moving vehicles. The research and development team also offered a solution for if the forklift forks protrude under the barriers and onto the walkways by delivering an ultra-strong and multifunctional FlexCore Guard Rail. The reinforced ground level rail is fitted with hidden hardware and offers an extra strong level of protection and the ability to deflect any intrusive forks in order to make sure that pedestrians are kept safe.

It is great to see the company listening to their customers in order to manufacture safety solutions that are needed and effective. The FlexCore Guard Rail has been manufactured with a wide range of applications and can be combined with a range of McCue’s products in order to offer their customers an extensive safety solution across their entire facility. The new safety products that have been created by McCue will be showcased at the Health & Safety North Trade show between the 10th and the 11th October and at Manufacturing Management on the 22nd and 23rd of November.

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