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LifeSafe Holdings plc Launch of New Non-Toxic Wildfire Fluid 

LifeSafe Holdings plc Launch of New Non-Toxic Wildfire Fluid 

LifeSafe (AIM:LIFS), a fire safety technology business with innovative fire extinguishing fluids and fire  safety products, announces the launch of its new patent pending wildfire extinguishing fluid, Wildfire  Pro. Wildfire Pro is a non-toxic and fluorine-free wildfire fluid engineered to suppress, extinguish and  prevent the spread of devastating wildfires. Unlike current fluorine-based fluid solutions, Wildfire  Pro’s non-toxic and fluorine-free properties pose no chemical threat to wildlife or natural ecosystems.  

Wildfire Pro controls wildfires through LifeSafe’s patent pending fluid, incorporating the Company’s EndoShield and ExoSuppression technologies, which first absorbs the energy and heat from the fire,  and then prevents re-ignition by stopping any further oxygen from fuelling embers. Through lengthy testing and development, it was identified that the fluid can be used as a retardant when used as a  pre-treatment, presenting a truly complete solution when tackling deadly forest fires. The spraying of  the fluid onto land creates a barrier to fire from which the applied area will simply not ignite. See  Wildfire Pro in action at 

The greatest number of wildfires are predominantly in North America, South America, Australia and  Southern Europe, with parts of Asia and Eastern Europe also experiencing a growing number of fires.  Wildfires are forecast to grow by over 40 per cent. in the next 25 years as weather patterns and  temperatures change. The significant total cost of wildfires is in the billions with some recent data  from Europe suggesting the 2022 Wildfire season in Europe alone cost €2.97bn1.  

Dominic Berger, Chairman of LifeSafe, commented: “We are proud to announce another new fluid to  add to our family of fire suppression technologies. Wildfire Pro provides a complete solution to both  tackle and prevent devastating wildfires. The launch of the new fluid will open up new partnership and  geographic markets for the Group.” 1 According to the European Forest Fire Information System:

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