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Innovative Safety Systems Ltd Announced that they Will be Moving to a new Facility

Innovative Safety Systems Ltd Announced that they Will be Moving to a new Facility

Innovative Safety Systems Ltd, or ISS has announced that they will be moving to a new facility. The company is well known for the creation of the Cyclear® System, which is a popular Cyclist Safety Warning Device. The company have revealed that they will be moving to the new buildings in order to prepare for more growth.

ISS has chosen the new, more spacious accommodation in order to make more room for further investment into the research and development department and to allow for further more recruitment.

The vehicle safety technology company has will be relocating to new premises which are based in Pershore, Worcester, where they will be able to increase their production levels for their ranges of market leading products including the most recent release, Reaclear™, which is a new vehicle reversing aid. ISS is known for being a leading vehicle safety technology company that designs, supplies and maintains vehicle safety and efficiency equipment. Most of the manufacturing for ISS’s products also takes place in the UK.

The new location for the safety technology developers is near to the M5. The accommodations consists of offices, a large workshop, areas for product assembly and storage spaces for components. In order to execute the level of growth that the company are wanting to achieve, the company will be carrying out recruitment across all department. The company carry out a range of processes to develop their products in-house which means that the recruitment will cover back office work, sales and manufacturing as well as product development.

This is a promising time for ISS, with the recent launch of Reaclear™and a range of products in various stages of development to be released in the future. The company is focused on continuing to develop systems that will assist customers and offer service enhancements.

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