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Filtermist DAIRs UK Industry to Try New Bubble Technology

DAIR bubble technology

Filtermist DAIRs UK Industry to Try New Bubble Technology : UK customers can now access the latest standard in workspace cleanliness thanks to the introduction of a brand-new Swedish product which is available exclusively through Filtermist Systems Limited.

DAIR, which has been developed by Filtermist’s parent company Absolent Air Care Group, uses ‘bubble technology’ to create clean workspaces that can be used in a wide range of environments without restricting the operator’s movements. The innovative new product creates a laminar flow of air which forms a bubble around the workspace – anything inside the bubble is then protected from contamination. For this reason, DAIR is ideal for a wide range of precision applications in industries including aerospace, laboratories, watch manufacturing, optical and many more.

James Stansfield, Filtermist Systems CEO and Vice President of Absolent Air Care Group, elaborates, “My colleagues were approached by a customer that manufactures and repairs advanced radar equipment. They needed to ensure workspaces are totally clean and free from all contamination but remain flexible with good ergonomics. They were struggling to achieve this with existing products on the market without making expensive alterations.

“Our R&D department developed DAIR to resolve this issue for the customer and it was so well received we have decided to offer it out to other customers that need to ensure working areas meet the highest levels of cleanliness.”

DAIR is a portable solution that can be fixed to height-adjustable work benches offering users total flexibility. Other laminar airflow products in the market tend to be of fixed height and use an enclosed design which can restrict movement – as DAIR is completely open, this is not an issue.


To find out more visit or contact Filtermist Systems to discuss your clean air requirements by emailing or calling 01952 290500.

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