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Copley Scientific World Leader for Manufacturing Inhaler Test Equipment

Copley Scientific World Leader for Manufacturing Inhaler Test Equipment

Copley Scientific, the world leader for manufacturing inhaler test equipment, are celebrating their 70th anniversary. Founded in Nottingham in 1946 Copley was established by Frank Copley to produce and distribute laboratory equipment for businesses in the pharmaceutical industry. The still family owned business is now based at Colwick Quays Business Park. To celebrate the anniversary, Copley Scientific have bought a new 10,000 square foot facility. This facility will be built near to their existing Nottingham site.

RH Developments, another Nottingham based company, are an investment and development company who own the site purchased by Copley. The privately owned company are building a unit to cater specifically to Copley Scientific’s needs.

Quayside Court is a new Nottingham development. The scheme is actually one of the first speculative schemes for the industrial sector since the recession. New developments like this show an improvement within the industrial sector by developing more sites and offering the opportunity to expand.

The new Colwick Quays Business Park overlooks the River Trent in a prime location. This area is in the process for receiving a huge amount of investment. This investment then paves the way for a large amount of redevelopment. The new Quayside Court project will benefit from further investment by RH Developments. Investing in this part of Nottingham will allow for better usage of the currently underutilized area. Investing in such a way is bound to attract more industrial sector business to Nottingham.

The Colwick Quays Business Park will provide a variety of different workspaces. The units will range from 2,500 sq. ft. to 20,000 sq. ft. the total size of the project will be near 30,000 sq. ft. of space to supply the demand for Industrial space in Nottingham and the surrounding area. This also caters to the demand for more space for businesses who have previously not had the space to expand.

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