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Austrian Airlines and Spafax New Inflight Safety Video

Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines and Spafax, the leading global travel media agency, are proud to announce the launch of a new safety video debuting on Austrian’s recently introduced 787 Dreamliner aircraft ahead of the carrier’s first long-haul service, which starts on June 15 on routes to New York JFK from Vienna.

The production uses innovative 3D animation techniques to reveal a miniature Austrian world hidden inside the aircraft’s cabin, while deftly weaving essential safety instructions into the narrative, making critical information both engaging and memorable for passengers of all ages.

The film begins with the camera zooming in on an overhead locker, which opens to reveal a tiny ground crew guiding passenger luggage into place. Starring delightful miniature figures, the film features rich details that reflect both the airline and its home country, such as the Prater scene, where a suitcase opens to reveal a diorama with a Ferris wheel, fairground, trams, and tiny passersby taking pictures with their phones and simultaneously illustrating safety features. (Learn more about the historic Prater Vienna here). 

Each scene features an element that reflects a unique cultural aspect of Austria – from a yodeler to coffeehouse pastries to Vienna landmarks – as moments from the Austrian Airlines passenger experience are also highlighted. The film seamlessly integrates the travel experience with safety while adding a warmhearted touch of Austrian culture and its landscapes.

“Our new safety video delivers critical safety information in an engaging and fun narrative that captures the essence of Austrian’s hospitality and character,” said David Kondo, Senior Director, Brand Experience at Austrian Airlines. “The benchmark for innovative safety videos is high, but I couldn’t be prouder of the team and our partner Spafax in creating something truly fresh and unique that transports our customers to Austria from the very start of their journey.”

Jonathan Gilbert, Creative Director at Spafax, commented on the collaboration: “Working with Austrian Airlines on this project has been an engaging experience that pushed the boundaries of what is possible in inflight safety videos. We wanted to bring to life the unique and light-hearted style of the airline in a manner that celebrated Austria while communicating safety effectively through an entertaining, immersive format. We were inspired by model making, a mix of modern and retro styles, and combining real world and miniature themes.”

The new safety video is currently available on select Austrian Airlines flights before being rolled out on August 1 on all the carrier’s long-haul flights, ensuring a consistent and enhanced passenger experience across various platforms within the airline’s inflight entertainment system.

To view the video, visit the Austrian Airlines YouTube channel.

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