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Anew Group Company Formed in the UK After Southworth Products Corporation

Anew Group Company Formed in the UK After Southworth Products Corporation

Anew Group Company Formed in the UK After Southworth Products Corporation : Anew group company has been formed in the UK after Southworth Products Corporation’s acquisition of Marco AB, the leading European table lift manufacturer that also owns Hymo AB.

The US-based company Southworth has been open for more than 124 years and works with pioneering and innovative handling solutions. Southworth is the world’s largest manufacturer of ergonomic handling equipment for work positioning and vertical lifting. Marco has been operating for more than 80 years and delivers a vast wealth of expertise in materials handling solutions to its customers.

The focus of the company is to offer both bespoke and standard customer solutions in order to improve the health and safety with handling issues and the promotion of both efficiency and profitability.

The SLG Group UK Limited has been formed which will offer unrivalled expertise as well as lift installation capabilities in the UK. The SLG Group UK is made out of Hymo Lifts, Marco Lifts and the Saxon Lift Company. These companies are all divisions of Marco AB which is ultimately under the Southworth Group name. In order to be in line with the rest of the European divisions individual and unique brands have been combined under the umbrella of a new company. Therefore, all three of these brands will be operating individually but they will have a common group resource behind them in order to cover installation as well as after sales support and spare parts. This means that the SLG Group UK will not handle any of the sales from the brands.

There are some plans expected for the company as they develop in to the UK market, and the holding company will allow them better chance to support the existing brands and allow them to develop. This also allows the brands to benefit from being part of a larger company and the resources that offers as well as maintain their already established and successful brand identities.

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