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Abloy Look in to Cyber Security of Businesses

Abloy Look in to Cyber Security of Businesses

CLIQ Systems at Abloy UK has been exploring the changes that have taken place in regards to cyber security and the ways in which companies need to assess their operations in order to reduce the chance of a cyber-attack.

Over the last ten years, security and access control has adapted in order to keep up with the changes in technology. There have also been introductions to the industry that improves the level of time management and traceability of mechanical keys. As part of this it means that Passkeys, Cryptographic keys and Encryption keys are all being used more and more often. Because of this, and with more and more information being stored online, cyber security is becoming essential.

There is an increasing number of high profile cases of data theft and loss, illustrating why it is essential security is improved to prevent attacks. Research has been carried out which shows that 93% of large organisations and 87% of small businesses experienced a security breach in 2013. Those that were affected by these breaches also reported an increase of 50% in the volume of breaches since the previous year.

Keys are available in order to offer access to critical assets such as servers which could provide access to office databases and platforms where customer accounts are managed. Many organisations are not aware how many keys are in circulations or where they are at any point of time, which could be damaging to their security.

Abloy UK offers physical protection such as locking systems as well as data protection which uses a selection of accredited software and infrastructure providers to offer the best protection to their customers. The solutions on offer allow users secure access to an online management application that allows them to change their key access permissions, profiles, schedules and validity.

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