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Katie Archibald Pedals to Victory with a High-Quality Performance Which Matches that of CERATZIT’s Cutting Tools!


Having won world, Olympic and European champion titles, Katie Archibald is a track cyclist with an impressive number of achievements behind her. Competing worldwide for Team GB, Katie rides on the roads and in the velodromes where she is a force to be reckoned with for anyone racing against her. Proudly sponsored by CERATIZIT, Katie rides a top of the range Hope Technology bike, which was manufactured in the Hope Technology factory using CERATIZIT cutting tools. 

Despite having already achieved numerous world champion titles and more than 20 European champion titles, Katie is more determined than ever to stay on a high trajectory and to continue her successes. Katie is now pedalling toward Paris 2024 where she is set to compete in 3 separate events. In what she explained will be her biggest challenge to date, Katie hopes to add more Olympic gold medals to her collection at the Olympic Games in Paris 2024. 

In Celebration of Katie recently accomplishing her 20th European champion title, she was invited to CERATIZIT’s Technical Centre where she was presented with a trophy to mark this incredible milestone. Katie was awarded the trophy by Stephen Pennington, Projects Application Engineer for CERATIZIT UK and Ireland Ltd, and Shaun Thornton, Technical Manager for CERATIZIT UK and Ireland Ltd. Stephen, having worked on this project from the start, used Open Mind Hypermill CAD CAM to design the trophy, which he then manufactured out of aluminium on XYZ UMC-5x machine using CERATIZIT tooling.

Primarily using the Zero-Point and MNG work-holding, the trophy was designed and manufactured as two separate components, which were then assembled after the fact. A custom riser plate extension was designed and manufactured in Sheffield as the fixture height needed to be increased by 50mm to prevent a machine collision. Once this was completed, a ZSG-4 centric clamping vice with 3mm grip jaws was used to clamp the rough material stock securely during OP1. During this operation, toleranced pockets and holes were machined to fit clamping plugs and dowels on the underside of the trophy, allowing for both components to be fastened directly to the MNG riser plate for OP2. The trophy was then polished up ready to present to Katie! 

Shaun Thornton commented that ‘it was wonderful welcoming Katie to the Tech Centre to celebrate her amazing achievements to date. Everything she has accomplished so far is unbelievable, and it’s great knowing that CERATIZIT has played a part in manufacturing her bike and supporting her professional career.’

Encapsulating the cutting-edge CERATIZIT spirit of striving to be the best and continuously improving, her high-quality performance matched that of CERATIZIT’s cutting tools which manufactured the bike. With the backing of CERATIZIT, the UK and the rest of Team GB, Katie is sure to pedal straight to gold at the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games. 

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