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Roof Rack Manufacturer Invests £2m in Revolutionary Production Expansion

Roof Rack Manufacturer Invests £2m in Revolutionary Production Expansion

Roof rack manufacturer invests £2m in revolutionary production expansion, setting new industry standard

  • Roof rack manufacturer Prospeed makes major investment in production capabilities 
  • New technology underpins 6,900% increase in productivity to meet global demand 
  • New patents secured alongside innovation in more efficient shipping solutions 

ProSpeed, the world’s leading manufacturer of premium roof racks and off-road accessories, has announced a £2m investment in cutting-edge machinery, infrastructure, and processes aimed at redefining the future of roof rack production.  

This strategic investment represents a monumental leap forward in production efficiency and product quality, reinforcing ProSpeed’s commitment to excellence. 

Based in York, ProSpeed’s newly acquired machinery is fully operational and boasts the capacity to produce an astonishing 7,000 products annually, representing 6,900% increase in productivity. 

This means that ProSpeed can now produce a modular roof rack component every three minutes, setting a new industry standard for speed and precision. 

This substantial investment underlines ProSpeed’s dedication to meeting the surging global demand for its products and diversifying its range to cater to virtually any vehicle.  

The ProSpeed DNA will be present across the entire spectrum of roof racks it manufactures urther elevating the already exceptional quality and performance standards initially set for Land Rover, Toyota, VW and a growing list of other vehicles. 

Managing Director Olly Marshall said: “At ProSpeed, we’ve always strived for perfection in our products.  

“This £2m investment is not just about increasing our production capacity; it represents a significant upgrade in the quality and diversity of our products, and it empowers us to deliver roof racks that are stronger, lighter, and compatible with almost every vehicle on the planet.” 

In addition to revolutionising production capabilities, ProSpeed has also made remarkable strides in sustainable practices.  

The company has pioneered innovative shipping processes that virtually eliminate packaging wastage, enabling them to reach more countries than ever before, despite rising international postage costs. 

Products are now shipped in boxes that are over 90% smaller than before, answering logistical challenges and delivering clear environmental benefits. 

ProSpeed’s roof racks are renowned for their impeccable craftsmanship, constructed from aerospace-grade aluminium and precision-machined for absolute perfection.  

The precision-machined joint system guarantees unparalleled durability and longevity.  

With multiple mounting options and a low-profile, lightweight, and exceptionally robust design, ProSpeed’s roof racks adapt to drivers’ needs and come with a lifetime guarantee. 

ProSpeed is also in the process of securing multiple patents, a testament to their unwavering commitment to innovation and product excellence.  

These patents will further solidify ProSpeed’s position as an industry leader and innovator. 

The new machinery and processes have been operational for just over a month and have since been gradually scaling up to maximum output.  

With their enhanced production capabilities, unmatched quality, and global reach, ProSpeed is poised to continue setting the standard for premium roof racks and off-road accessories worldwide. 

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