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Ribble Packaging Completes Further £2 Million Investment Project

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Ribble Packaging have recently completed a £2 million investment project, updating machinery and future proofing infrastructure at their Oldham site. The project which started in late December and concluded in early February has increased both production speed and efficiency of their corrugator, increasing line speed by 50m per minute.

Since Ribble’s last investment project of £3.5 million back in 2020 they have been working hard to maintain their position as European market leader for the manufacture and supply of corrugated Fanfold, in addition to pioneering Right Size packaging solutions in the UK.

This most recent investment project was assembled by a team of Ribble, Fosber and Ducker engineers over a month-long period. This investment into their infrastructure focused on updating and improving the efficiency and reliability of their corrugator, unlocking the potential to produce cardboard at higher speeds and increasing maximum corrugated output from 220 meters of board per minute up to 300 metres per minute.

The Investment covered the installation of 4 new pieces of kit:

  • New set of Reelstands and a Splicer (to compliment the 2 Splicers we installed 4 years ago).
  • New ‘B’ Flute Facer
  • New Sheetboard Stackers
  • New Sheetboard Tracks and Palletisation equipment.

Ribble Managing Director Stephen Rector stated:

“We are delighted to announce completion of the latest £2m phase of investment at Ribble Packaging. Over the Christmas and New Year period we successfully installed a new Fosber single facer with related reel stands and splicers and a new automated take off track and pallet inserter for our conventional corrugated sheet board. Each of these investments are designed to build on the 30% capacity increase achieved from the £3.5m capital expenditure program from 2020. Upon completion of the current commissioning process the 2 phases of investment will have increased overall corrugating and plant productivity by 50% and given our Oldham site a capacity to produce 100million square meters pa.”

“These investments clearly demonstrate our confidence in our chosen markets and, in particular, our determination to retain our position as the UK market leader of fanfolded corrugated.”

As businesses shift to greener more sustainable packaging materials in their droves, demand for corrugated packaging has increased drastically and many businesses are struggling to source the packaging materials they need. Ribble Packaging provides bespoke packaging solutions for companies of any size. By infusing a rich history of corrugated manufacturing with the latest innovations in machinery and packaging technology they are able to provide the most efficient, cost effective and environmentally sustainable packaging solutions to their customers.

The investment project will also allow Ribble to increase their capacity to serve new customers and existing Ribble Right Size solutions customers. Right Size utilises Ribble’s Fanfold corrugated board to help companies regain control of their packaging supply and enable them to create a fully sustainable packaging solution. Right Size solutions allow companies to create the perfect size box, for any product, on-site, on demand all while reducing annual packaging spend by around 30%.

Right Size customers see a wide range of benefits Including:

  • Creation of a more environmentally sustainable packaging process
  • Regained warehouse space
  • Elimination of excess packaging and plastic void fillers
  • Elimination of supplier MOQ’s
  • Reduction in administrative resources
  • Reduced transport costs through increased vehicle utilisation


To find out more contact Ribble via:

0161 284 9000

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