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Powerful Product Protection Thanks to Honeycomb Packaging

Powerful Product Protection Thanks to Honeycomb Packaging

Powerful Product Protection Thanks to Honeycomb Packaging : Without packaging, businesses cannot get their goods to paying customers. Whether that’s close to home or on a global scale, packaging plays a pivotal role in getting goods from shops to shelves, factories to shop floors or directly to consumers’ doorsteps. 

And not just any packaging, but packaging solutions that protect goods to avoid disappointing end users and give them memorable and shareable experiences with your brand. This, combined with the growing interest in sustainability – two-thirds of consumers want to be more sustainable, and many are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging, means it’s easy to see why paper protective packaging is the solution for many forward-thinking brands. 

Paving the way 

The need for cardboard protective packaging is greater than it ever has been, driven, in part, by the boom in eCommerce businesses shipping to customers across the globe. As businesses lean further into shipping products and online business models, keeping goods safe during the packaging, storage, handling, and transit stages is key.

Whether it’s electronics or perishable produce, and across industries ranging from pet to clothing, healthcare to automotive, and even food and drink, almost all industries rely on protective packaging in one way or another. This is to ensure the safety and security of products throughout all stages of the supply chain and that consumers receive their goods in the condition they were packed, whether they’ve travelled just a few towns over or across continents. 

Protection means different things to different industries. It could mean protecting food from contamination or bruising or protecting electronics from unwanted moisture. Whatever industry you’re in, as well as safeguarding products, protective packaging boosts brand reputation by reducing returns and replacements, increasing customer satisfaction, and both saving and making you money.

Bursting with benefits for business and consumer

When it comes to packaging, it wasn’t always easy to find an option that’s both protective and sustainable. Honeycomb protective packaging offers a sustainable and protective solution. Sometimes referred to as Hexacomb packaging, Honeycomb packaging uses a unique honeycomb structure, which makes it durable and strong. It cleverly cushions goods while also absorbing shocks during transit. This ensures that products are safe, secure, and protected at all stages of the supply chain. With Honeycomb packaging, the chances of breakages and damage are much lower than traditional packaging solutions, as are the costs that come with them. 

What’s more, the design of Honeycomb packaging means all gaps and voids within the cardboard box can be filled. Not only does this also help to keep goods snugly secure, but it also reduces the amount of wasted packaging space. Plus, as Honeycomb packaging is 100% recyclable, it’s also a sustainable option for brands who want their packaging to reflect their wider commitment to reducing their brand’s impact on the planet. 

Better for the planet, too 

There is no denying the environmental benefits of Hexacomb packaging, making it a popular packaging solution for businesses with sustainability goals and an eco-conscious target market. Honeycomb packaging is made using lightweight, FSC-certified paper and cardboard, meaning that it’s 100% recyclable. It’s also made from a renewable resource, which ticks even more sustainability boxes and has a proven paper waste collection of up to 85%. As Honeycomb packaging is lightweight, it has a reduced carbon footprint as it needs less fuel to get it from A to B. 

By effectively protecting goods, protective outer packaging can reduce the need for replacement products or returns due to damages. This also has environmental benefits, as it reduces the amount of resources used, from fuel to carbon footprint, and the waste generated by replacing faulty products. 

Flexibility to fit

Honeycomb packaging offers customised solutions to meet your specific packaging needs. Using fit-for-purpose designs, and a dose of creativity, Honeycomb packaging can be transformed into a solution customised to fit your requirements. Whether you need buffers, boxes, pallets or tops, the honeycomb structure can be tailored to your products. There’s a lot of flexibility in the honeycomb design, and 3D technology means it can be adapted quickly to specific packaging shapes and sizes. 

The customisation options also come with low start-up and tooling costs, making them accessible and cost-effective for businesses of any size, even those just starting out. This combination of flexibility, speed and affordability makes it a good choice for businesses looking for customised packaging solutions that don’t compromise on protective qualities.

Honeycomb packaging vs traditional

Compared to traditional packaging materials, such as expanded polystyrene, there are many benefits from choosing Honeycomb packaging for your business. 

  • Honeycomb packaging is lightweight yet sturdy and provides a great deal of strength and protection. It does this without significantly increasing the weight of the package and, therefore, helps lower transportation costs and energy consumption throughout the shipping process. 
  • Honeycomb packaging is also excellent at shock absorption and effectively protects goods during transit. Its unique structure disperses the energy of any impact, minimising the risk of damage to items inside.
  • Honeycomb packaging’s lightweight design, durability and eco-friendly properties make it an excellent packaging solution compared to traditional packaging materials. It provides both practical and environmental advantages, benefiting both businesses and consumers.

Long-term savings to be made

There are potential long-term savings when you have a supply of protective packaging, including reduced shipping costs and minimal product damage. 

  • Due to its lightweight yet durable nature, Honeycomb packaging significantly reduces shipping costs compared to heavier alternatives, such as timber crates. The reduced weight means lower transportation expenses, as less fuel is needed for shipping. This can help your business save money over time. 
  • Honeycomb packaging’s ability to withstand shocks during transit minimises the risk of product damage, which can lead to fewer returns and replacements for damaged products. This not only reduces the cost of replacing damaged goods for customers, but also benefits brand reputation and customer satisfaction. It’s an excellent way to appeal to eco-conscious consumers.

Regardless of the industry, Honeycomb packaging has hugely impressive sustainable and protective qualities. A powerful solution for businesses aiming to balance environmental responsibility with effective product protection. 

Your partner for Honeycomb packaging

At Smurfit Kappa, we’re dedicated to providing packaging that balances sustainability with product protection. Our Honeycomb packaging is designed to protect goods at every stage of the supply chain while bearing the impact of packaging on the planet in mind for a more sustainable future. Contact our knowledgeable team to find out more.

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