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New Platform Released by Cargobase to Improve the Spot-Freight Sector

New Platform Released by Cargobase to Improve the Spot-Freight Sector

The new platform that has been released by Cargobase in order to improve the spot-freight sector has now added Parcel freight into their platform. With the introduction of this extra feature, Cargobase has become the first platform for users to be able to manage any type of spot-buy freight.

The Spot-buy freight sector has been known for being expensive, with companies charging significantly more than usual freight arrangements. Cargobase developed a platform that allowed a user to create a more competitive environment within the spot-freight sector as well as allow users to better manage their shipments. Spot-freight is classed as a freight service that lays outside any other regular and pre-planned shipments. Normally these services are more expensive and then connected to poor management that can jeopardise supply chains. Therefore the creation of Cargobase is a way of bringing the cost down and allowing for users to compare quotes and access companies that have better reputations.

With the demand for spot-freight increasing, the new online platform will allow users to more effectively manage their transactions. The new addition to the platform for Parcel freight means that the users will now be able to connect seamlessly with big brand names such as FedEx, DHL Express and UPS as well as having the ability to schedule freight with pre-agreed rates.

The new platform will also allow for the creation of labels that can be directly linked to the Cargobase platform in order to allow users to manage their freight on a single platform as opposed to switching between a number of different applications.

Users of the Cargobase platform will also be able to compare a range of cargobase solutions that are offered by Freight Forwarders as well as road freight providers. The company is also working on adding another level of anti-fraud security to their new platform. This new level of security will mean that the account numbers of each user are stored safely on the company’s profile so that they are accessible only to admis or audits.

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