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Machine Vision Conference opens its visitor registration for 2024

Machine Vision Conference

The UK Industrial Vision Association (UKIVA), organisers of the prestigious Machine Vision Conference (MVC), are excited to announce that visitor registration for the much-anticipated show opens in February. This fantastic two-day show will take place on 18-19 June at the CBS Arena in Coventry. The event is renowned for bringing together the whole machine vision industry, from well-known industry brands showcasing their cutting-edge solutions to leading industry experts sharing their vast knowledge. Whether you are a seasoned industry professional, or new to the world of machine vision, MVC is the place to immerse yourself in the latest innovative industrial vision and imaging technologies. 


Adopting machine vision solutions is recognised for bringing significant benefits to a vast array of businesses due to their ability to streamline processes which, in many cases, delivers financial benefits to businesses. The flexibility and adaptability of this innovative technology is demonstrated by the diversity of the industries where it is applied, such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical devices, automotive, aerospace, packaging, solar energy, electronics, semiconductor, sport, traffic and transport. 

Food manufacturing is one of the industries where vision technology can provide a significant competitive edge for manufacturers. It offers numerous opportunities to improve quality assurance that was previously unattainable, such as examining the food product itself, verifying the integrity of food packaging to prevent premature spoilage and scrutinising food labelling for accuracy. The introduction of newer technologies such as hyperspectral imaging is expected to have a profound impact on the industry in the future.

Whatever the industry, it is likely that vision technology is incorporated in some shape or form. MVC attracts a range of machine vision providers, all of whom are trying to capture the imagination, through the showcasing of their latest products and services, and of those seeking business improvement solutions as well as those just starting their research into the far-reaching potential of this industry. To further enhance your experience, exhibitors will be carrying out demonstrations and product launches at their stands so you can see with your own eyes what’s possible as well as seek advice and recommendations. 

MVC’s comprehensive seminar programme is a great place to hear from the industry’s most knowledgeable experts about future developments, and to keep on top of current industry trends. In between visiting numerous exhibitors and educating yourself at seminars, MVC will offer fantastic networking opportunities with industry colleagues and experts as well as an abundance of chances to build new business relationships that have a potential to develop into lucrative business opportunities. 

Machine Vision

One of the exhibitors at the 2023 event, Nathaniel Hoffman, Market Product Manager for Machine Vision and Measurement at SICK UK, said: “The Machine Vision Conference is the one place to go to meet all the suppliers in the machine vision industry; to talk openly about your requirements, and understand what is possible with machine vision. It is fully supported by SICK.”

MVC visitor registration opens during February. To plan your visit to the Machine Vision Conference and book your free ticket, please visit:

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