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Hunter Newly Expanded Alvari Collection Packaging

Hunter Luxury

Luxury packaging artisan Hunter Luxury has used the elegance of our natural world as the inspiration for its newly expanded range of exquisite fragrance cases – the Alvari Collection.

Drawing inspiration from the elegance and precision of honey bees, the new products launched in the range are designed to transform fragrance sample packaging into an exquisite sensory experience through 3D pop-up features, novel structural designs, and premium finishing techniques. The new additions complement the existing solutions in the Alvari Collection, which aims to elevate fragrance gift sets, discovery sets, and luxury retail sets.

The complete range combines a variety of materials and processes to showcase Hunter Luxury’s unmatched design capabilities, making use of unique structural designs and meticulous attention to detail to provide an immersive, curated brand narrative for end users to explore.

Pippa Bell, Head of Beauty at Hunter Luxury, spoke following the launch of the new sample packs, which were unveiled to a rapturous reception at LUXE PACK in New York, saying, “Fragrance packaging, more than any other kind, must capture the soul of the product. It has to transport you to another world – that can only be achieved through the right combination of materials, processes, and technical details, which all come together to serve a creative vision.”

The bee theme of the Alvari Collection was inspired by several members of the Hunter Luxury team who are avid beekeepers. “When you think of bees, thoughts of verdant summer meadows and colourful flower gardens are never far behind,” Bell explains. “This theme gave our design team the freedom to demonstrate our full range of capabilities, from complex structural designs to elaborate finishing and bespoke detailing.”

The range displays a variety of techniques that can be used to turn ordinary sampler packaging into an extraordinary experience. It includes 3D pop-up representations of the full fragrance bottle, sliding drawer packs, and apertures that frame the fragrance bottle in a tangle of wildflowers.

Each of these details can be customised with different materials, colours, and decorative elements to elevate the experience offered by a brand’s fragrance packaging.

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