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Clean Powder Filling Without Residue

Clean Powder Filling Without Residue

Greif-Velox, the packaging machine manufacturer, has developed a patented solution called “PureVacSpout” to eliminate dust residues on filling spouts, preventing contamination of valve bags or pallets.

After each filling operation in valve bag filling systems and the removal of the filled bag, excess product often remains on the filling spout. This product residue can lead to contamination, resulting in high cleaning and complaint costs as well as reputational damage. The new “PureVacSpout” spout aspiration technology from Greif-Velox offers a solution to this problem: A suction mechanism moving over the filling spout ensures thorough cleaning each time.

Mobility for Enhanced Cleanliness

Thanks to the system’s mobility, the suction occurs directly at the filling spout, keeping it completely clean, as well as preventing the bags from getting contaminated. The suction moves over the filling spout after the bag filling process has been completed without disrupting the overall filling operation. This ensures that only clean bags are palletized, and the spout is pneumatically cleaned for the next filling. This patented principle is compatible with vacuum packers like the Greif-Velox VeloVac.

High Work and Product Safety Without Product Loss

The spout aspiration technology not only reduces cleaning costs by capturing escaping dust, but also protects workers by removing potentially harmful particles from the work environment. Additionally, “PureVacSpout” supports precise product usage by preventing product residues on the spout, as well as returning the collected material to the filling process. This minimizes material loss and prevents cross-contamination during product changes. Sebastian Pohl, Managing Director of Greif-Velox, points out: “By completely eliminating dust residues, users achieve clean powder filling without contaminated bags or pallets, leading to higher customer satisfaction.”

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