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Tiger Trailers Delivers New Truck Bodies for Hovis

Tiger Trailers Delivers New Truck Bodies for Hovis

Tiger Trailers has designed and built a number of truck bodies for Hovis. The trailer and bodywork manufacturing company has built the bodies for 57 new rigid trucks for the bread manufacturing company. The delivery of this new order has taken the number of Tiger-built assets that are used in Hovis’ fleet to 87 rigids and 14 double deck trailers.

The new trucks 27 7.5-tonne Mitsubishi Canter Duonics and 30 12-tonne DAF LFs, were supplied by TOM Vehicle Rental in order to replace older vehicles in the client company’s fleet. With the supply of the new vehicles there were specification changes requests at 7.5-tonnes.

Hovis is a popular bakery company and well known bread manufacturer that produces 1.3 million loaves a day for delivery across the UK. The company relies on having an efficient fleet in order to deliver their products and meet the demand. In order to further increase efficiency for the company, Tiger Trailers have designed new bodies for the vehicles so that they are as lightweight as possible in order to make the most of payload capacity. For the 7.5 tonne vehicles part of the order, the changes that were made was able to return a payload of 3,200kg, this is great news for this size of vehicle.

It is important for transport efficiency that getting the maximum payload of these vehicles is achieved. Tiger Trailers have been working hard with their client in order to find a new and innovative ways of providing that extra capacity. This increased space means that the more loaves can be transported in one vehicle, and therefore fewer journeys are made, which can offer operational and environmental benefits for the company.

The Mitsubishi and DAF chassis that were provided to Hovis and Tiger as a part of this fleet refresh has been supplied by TOM Vehicle Rental as a part of a fixed term rental agreement.

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