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Gen Z Shuns Flavours Preferred by Older Generations

The Taste of Summer: Gen Z Shuns Single Flavours Preferred by Older Generations

The Taste of Summer: Gen Z Shuns Single Flavours Preferred by Older Generations : Chocolate and caramel have replaced summer fruits as the UK’s essential flavour of summer this year, according to new research. When it comes to sweet treats, salted caramel (28%), triple chocolate (21%) and chocolate orange (20%) are the top taste sensations the average British household wants to enjoy for May Bank Holiday weekend.

While these flavours topped the poll of 2,000 adults, the research by The Delicious Dessert Company also revealed that old and young generations had opposite tastes when it came to enjoying a sweet summer treat. The the over 55s were staunch advocates of uncomplicated single flavours – such as vanilla (22%) or lemon (22%) or strawberry (24%). In contrast, the under 25s found this boring and they wanted to get some excitement from combining different flavours. The top choice flavours for the under 25s all comprised of combinations of flavours – such as mint with chocolate (18%), chocolate with orange (19%) and adding salt with caramel (26%).

Given young people’s love for mixing different flavours, The Delicious Dessert Company also presented a representative sample of under 25 year-olds with 30 flavours and asked respondents to come up with the dream combinations they would love to try.

Of the 200 different flavour combinations young people identified the top 10 choices comprised of:

  1. Caramel and milk chocolate
  2. Strawberries and white chocolate
  3. Strawberries and whipped cream
  4. Whipped cream and white chocolate
  5. White caramel and banana
  6. Strawberries and caramel
  7. Milk chocolate and cookies
  8. Dark chocolate and orange
  9. Caramel and cookies
  10. Caramel and white chocolate

Regionally, it was Northern Ireland that opted for the Wimbledon classic of strawberries and cream, whereas Southern England switched up the classic by replacing the cream for milk chocolate. London had the biggest sweet tooth, hoping to combine both caramel and toffee in their experimental dessert, whereas Scots favoured chocolate orange.

The research on the UK’s favourite flavours and combinations coincides with the creative chefs at The Delicious Dessert Company cooking up new ideas for a range of exciting products launching this Spring. Hot on the heels of launching The King of Eclairs, this week The Delicious Dessert Company launches a new range of Yum Yums – with flavours including chocolate orange, Millionaire’s and strawberry funfetti.

Claire Smith, Head of Insight at The Delicious Dessert Company, commented: “As the fastest growing brand in our category, The Delicious Dessert Company is creating new-look dessert classics for a new generation. Young people want moments of fun and excitement from their sweet treats and they really like to combine or contrast different flavours. What has for some time become the norm with ice cream we are now bringing to the world of desserts, with exciting flavour combinations that allow us to offer people modern twists on classic products.

“Our recently launched King of Eclairs celebrates the coronation of King Charles III with a double-filled chocolate éclair with rich chocolate mousse and luscious caramel cream, topped with chocolate fondant and a royal gold sparkle. Now it’s time for our new range of Yum Yums – hitting supermarkets shelves this week – which will deliver on the more adventurous and interesting taste sensations people are looking for. With chocolate orange, Millionaire’s and strawberry funfetti products, Yum Yums have never tasted quite so yummy.”

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