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The Sustainable Agave Company Achieves BPI Certifications

The Sustainable Agave Company Achieves BPI Certifications

The world’s first upcycled agave-material straws with BPI industrial compostability certification.

The Sustainable Agave Company, a foodservice industry leader in sustainable single-use products, is proud to announce that it has achieved new Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) certifications for industrial compostability (Cert 10529298) on the formula for three of its innovative “Compostable Agave-Based Straw” products:

  • 5” Regular, Compostable Agave Straws (07503037119767, 07500464745262)
  • 8” Regular, Compostable Agave Straws (07503037119774, 07500464745279)
  • 8” Jumbo, Compostable Agave Straws (07503037119781, 07500464745231)

These certifications represent a major milestone for the company and the industry, as they are the first ever awarded to straws made from an upcycled agave-waste material.

The Sustainable Agave Company’s new “Compostable Agave Straws” are made with USDA BioPreferred material. This makes them the premier sustainable option for customers who are passionate about reducing their reliance on traditional single-use plastics and increasing their commitment to a more sustainable future within the food service industry.

The company’s product line is made with residual agave fibers from tequila production, effectively upcycling what would otherwise be waste material. They have the operational capacity to produce an impressive 1 billion biodegradable straws annually.  As governments everywhere continue to mandate regulations towards greener practices, the company has set a goal to upcycle more than 5,000,000 lbs of available agave waste into high quality, effective biodegradable products over the next decade.

“We are thrilled to achieve internationally-recognized standards through BPI for our new straws,” said Aketzalli Valdivia, Chief Operations Officer of The Sustainable Agave Company. “We have invested heavily in growing our innovative  sustainable foodservice business, and this proprietary formula will produce new products that meet BPI composability certifications. With these certifications in-hand, we are able to deliver industrial compostable foodservice packaging and products that people can feel confident and proud about using.”

The Company’s  New “Compostable Agave Straws” are available in both wrapped and unwrapped options. The wrapped straws are packaged in eco-friendly paper with printed BPI Industrial Compostable certification branding  that ensures “sustainability” is communicated at the forefront of every aspect of their product offerings. All Sustainable Agave BPI Certified products are now available through Dot Foods, North America’s largest food industry redistributor.

About The Sustainable Agave Company:

Founded in 2020, The Sustainable Agave Company is committed to upcycling plant by-products into better, biodegradable solutions for single-use plastic. With a focus on utilizing agave waste from tequila production, the company creates strong, durable, and functional products that help reduce the world’s reliance on single-use traditional plastic. With a dedicated innovation team and a growing portfolio of products for the foodservice and retail industries, The Sustainable Agave Company is leading the way in sustainable alternatives.

To learn more about The Sustainable Agave Company and its innovative products, please visit. You can also follow the company on LinkedIn, and Instagram for the latest updates and news.

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