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New OXO Additions to Dry Stock with Meat Free and Premium Options

New OXO Additions to Dry Stock with Meat Free and Premium Options

Premier Foods is expanding its Oxo portfolio with a duo of new products, set to offer shoppers more choice, helping them create flavourful home cooked meals. Oxo Meat-Free Beef Flavour stock cubes are available now, while the brand’s premium stock cube range sees the addition of 25% less salt Rich Beef from Monday 8th June.

Both products aim to drive category growth through opening up more meal occasions to new shoppers. The UK is leading the way for innovation in meat substitutes, but more than half (54%) of UK consumers agree that meat-free food needs additional flavourings to improve the taste. Oxo Meat-Free is the perfect store cupboard addition to give a burst of flavour, particularly for those who want to re-create their favourite dishes, such as Bolognese, chilli con carne and lasagne, using meat-free recipes.

Having been carefully developed by Premier Foods’ innovation team, the meat-free Oxo cubes are the first of their kind in the dry stock sector and allow retailers to expand their ranges to appeal to changing shopper habits. Delivering the same great taste and quality as the established Beef stock cube, the new cubes help shoppers to expand their meat-free repertoire without compromising. 

The brand is also continuing to expand its premium range with a 25% less salt Rich Beef cube, encouraging shoppers to trade up for the addition of real meat juices in the stock cubes and now, a healthier alternative. Ambient dry stock currently under indexes with young families, but the reduced salt version is expected to appeal to this audience. 

Helen Touchais, Brand Director for Flavourings and Seasonings at Premier Foods, comments: “These launches continue to help home cooks to add great flavour to meals, quickly and conveniently. Meat-free evening meals are on the rise and consumers are willing to pay more for options they perceive to be ‘better for you’, so we’re helping retailers meet consumer demand in these areas.”

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