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Macsa ID UK’s New Small Character Laser Coder Set To ‘Spark’ a Revolution


Macsa id UK– leading manufacturer of advanced coding and marking equipment – continues to open up the benefits of laser technology to the global food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, toiletry and homecare markets with the launch of its SPARK small character laser coder. The affordable new system offers a winning combination of low lifetime cost of ownership and 100% sustainability with strengthened performance, maximum marking resolution and definition, and reduced downtime for maintenance and set up. 

Macsa’s revolutionary SPARK coder offers advanced laser technology and consumable-free operation to ensure running, maintenance and repair costs are kept to a minimum. Compact, lightweight and easy to connect, it is designed to mark the wide range of substrates used to package today’s FMCG products including labels, cardboard boxes, a wide range of plastics, glass, wood, paper and board, metals, rubber and textiles. 

The SPARK offers high quality, permanent marking that does not smudge like inkjet. It applies vital data such as lot codes, dates, batch numbers, QR codes and other alphanumeric information, which cannot be altered or manipulated to ensure brand protection and product traceability throughout the manufacturing process and supply chain.

A new handheld colour interface is a key improvement delivered by the SPARK. More than just a touchscreen, it is the operator’s point of access to a multitude of key features, from total control of the full capabilities of SPARK, to vital information related to the production line.

The new touchscreen and Wizard combined with intuitive state-of-the-art Marca® software and online visual aids like technical guides, help videos and tutorials make the SPARK exceptionally easy to configure, use and maintain, even for operators without any prior technical knowledge.

In fact, set up time can be reduced by up to 90% while essential maintenance should take no more than five minutes.  New software and templates incorporated into SPARK including barcodes, expiry dates, QR codes and Datamatrix help reduce message creation times by up to 50%.

The SPARK does not require inks or solvents making it cost effective to run. In addition to a cleaner and more hygienic working environment, the lack of solvent related carbon emissions and harmful waste facilitates compliance with environmental regulations and corporate social responsibility.

Because of its size and compact design, the SPARK can be adapted for any installation. It is IP54 rated, suitable for dynamic and static applications and incorporates high performance lenses, powerful hardware and advanced software, all of which make it ideal for today’s high speed packaging lines.

Available in 10W and 30W models, the SPARK is capable of operating at speeds up to 15000 and 35000 products per hour respectively.

An XQS printhead with digital galvos at 90° output, drivers and dual processor make the multi-language SPARK easy to integrate and suitable for most applications.

Ready to work with Integranet 4.0 and multiple communication options enable easy Ethernet connectivity for controlling the SPARK and managing equipment status remotely, including monitoring efficiency and plan maintenance.

A range of accessories are available: TSL-V3 touch screen, photocell, encoder and fume extractor. The SPARK is backed by Macsa’s advice and consultation services, installation assistance, training, technical support and extended warranty.

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