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Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Offered by Dichtomatik UK

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Offered by Dichtomatik UK

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is known for being the world’s leading specialist for offering high-quality sealing solutions to be used in the food and beverage sector of the manufacturing industry. This area of manufacturing in highly demanding due to its variety, and the range of different effects that products can have on the sealing materials. As an example of this, for sealing products in the Dairy industry, a material needs to be selected that can withstand the effects of high levels of protein and fat.

The food industry has a wide variety of applications which each have distinct requirements. This diversity of products offers a unique challenge to Sealing technology companies such as Freudenberg. The company has recently announced that Dichtomatik UK Ltd, a part of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, will be the exclusive local provider for the company’s food and beverage sector offerings in the UK.

There are a range of different challenges to overcome while developing seals for food and beverages. Breweries has to use seals that are able to withstand wort, beerstone and essential oil of hops. When producing a product such as chocolate, the fatty ingredients may need heating to a very high temperature, another challenge for seals. Ice cream production also needs a solution that will manage extreme temperature fluctuations and fruit or crystallised sugar products require a seal that is resistant to abrasion.

Dichtomatik UK will be offering their innovative sealing solutions such as Hygienic Usit® washer, which is able to create a hygienic screw connection that offers a sealing design that prevents a breeding ground forming for bacteria under the screw head. Dichtomatik will offer these solutions from their purpose built and fully automated warehouse in Derby. All of the staff at this Derby site are highly skilled and trained in the special sealing requirements in the food and beverage industry.

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