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Don’t Turn a Blind Eye to Food Temperature Monitoring

Don't Turn a Blind Eye to Food Temperature Monitoring

Don’t Turn a Blind Eye to Food Temperature Monitoring : As 63% of British consumers say they will return to restaurants, bars or cafes within the first month of these places reopening, please find comments below from Jason Webb, director at Electronic Temperature Instruments, a digital thermometer manufacturer, producing digital and infrared thermometers for the food and drink service industry.

Jason is reminding eateries that whilst they may be more concerned about altering their designs to comply with social distancing, they can ill-afford to forget the importance of food temperature monitoring.

Jason Webb, director at Electronic Temperature Instruments, comments: “We are edging slowly in the right direction and I’m confident that bars and restaurants will do what they can to comply with social distancing rules and retain the interest of consumers, some of which will feel anxious about dining out for the first time in months. Eateries of all sizes will be re-evaluating their designs to alleviate these anxieties and to ensure they are ‘open for business’ giving the industry the kick-start that it needs. However, it’s vital that the ball isn’t dropped when it comes to food temperature monitoring. The last thing any business wants as it opens its doors is to fail in this area. Not only does it risk the health of visitors, but it could have a serious impact on a business’ reputation. And right now, reputation is everything. Systems should be put in place ensuring all food temperature recordings from fridges and freezers are backed up every few hours with live data and immediate alerts if temperatures go above critical limits. This ensures more accurate time and temperature controls within kitchens, improving food safety and reducing food spoilage. For bars and restaurants, to adhere to the correct food safety standards and regulations getting the basics right is fundamental. However, collectively as a nation, going back to basics is exactly what we need to do.”

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