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Stoneridge Manufacture One-Millionth Tachograph

Stoneridge Manufacture One-Millionth Tachograph

In 2006, the first digital tachograph to be produced began to leave the production line. The first SE5000 digital tachograph was delivered to the market in a world that was significantly less technologically advanced, pre-iPhone and Facebook, as well as a wide range of products and services that we now rely on a daily basis.

In 2017, times have changed and Stoneridge Electronics have announced that they have managed to manufacture 1 million SE5000 digital tachographs. The one millionth unit was produced by the company in August at the Stoneridge production facility which is located in Örebo in Sweden. The milestone unit will be added to a new DAF truck.

The company has developed since their first Stoneridge SE5000 was produced, and the system has also been updated for the one-minute rule as well as integrated features such as Driver Decision Support which has been created in order to help drivers to make the most of their time on the road as well as adding on Working Time Directive calculations. Now, divers have become more used to working with mobile Apps and remote download systems, through which Stoneridge has been working to support drivers.

It is momentous that Stoneridge has been able to celebrate their manufacturing work and the developments that they have allowed to take place with the conception of the digital tachograph. The company have now said that they are look towards the manufacture of their next million units, as well as preparing for the changes in the pipeline which could affect the features of the tachographs. The 1C legislation comes into effect in 2019, but Stoneridge have expressed their commitment to support drivers and fleets around Europe while offering a range of products and services for the industry.

Stoneridge also manufactures highly engineered electrical and electronic components, modules and systems such as instrument clusters, telematics systems and security systems to be used in the automotive industry.

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