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Small Radios That Pack a Big Punch

Small Radios That Pack a Big Punch

Two way radio is an essential tool for hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide. In industry, establishing a reliable means of mobile communication means being able to coordinate teams more efficiently and also manage on-site safety more effectively.

But one key consideration when choosing two way radio options for your operatives is the size and weight of the handsets. Some two way radio models can be relatively chunky, and carrying them around all day on long shifts can become a hindrance.

In recent years, two way radio manufacturers have responded to this by developing ever more lightweight and compact models. While aiming for portability and convenience, these slimline models do not compromise on performance, packing more features into smaller packages.

Below, leading UK vendor Brentwood Communications outlines some of the best compact two way radio models available on the market for industry.

Kenwood TK3000

At just over 200g, the Kenwood TK3000 is easy and unobtrusive to carry. Its sleek, slim chassis fits easily into your hand, making it convenient and easy to operate even when you are busy doing something else. The TK3000 is an ideal option for warehouses and small factories, offering straightforward voice communication that benefits from Kenwood’s renowned audio technology. It also comes with automatic channel scan across 16 available channels, so you don’t have to fiddle with the tuner to find an available channel to talk on.

Vertex EVX-S24

Don’t let size fool you – the Vertex EVX-S24 might be super compact, but it is as tough as two way radios come. With dimensions of just 91 x 55 x 32mm, the EVX-S24 will easily fit in a pocket and weighs just 215g. But it is also fully submersible in water up to a depth of 1m, so is ideal for working around water. Another benefit of the EVX-S24 is that it operates on both digital and analogue modes, offering highly flexible options for connecting with existing two way radios your own.

Motorola DP3661e

The Motorola DP3000e range represents the very best digital two way radio has to offer. Packed full of features, powerful and with outstanding audio quality, the DP3000e range takes two way radio beyond simple voice communication with the powerful data connectivity capabilities offered by Motorola’s MOTOTRBO software. The DP3661e is the compact version of this first-class two way radio family. Roughly the same size as a smartphone, the DP3661e includes a 200-character screen for sending text messages and is built to exacting US MIL-STD requirements.

Motorola CLK446

For the ultimate in ultra compact two way radio, look no further than the Motorola CLK446. A true innovation, the CLK446 breaks the mould of traditional two way radio design, adopting the look and feel of a ‘wearable’ device that you can carry around your neck on a lanyard or even clipped to your clothes. It weighs just 68g, and while it strips back features accordingly, it still offers the core essentials of reliable, high quality voice communication.
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