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Networking App Launched for Small to Medium Businesses

Networking App Launched for Small to Medium Businesses

Networking App Launched for Small to Medium Businesses : EnGenius has announced the Cloud-To-Go networking app that allows cafés, clinics, stores, and various other businesses to do straightforward but flexible network management on-the-go through a mobile app. The Cloud-To -Go App provides non-IT staff a simple way to configure, monitor, and manage networks without complicated processes and settings, giving a quick device setup, visualised monitoring UI, and smart management all at your fingertips.

Configure Your Devices in Minutes

Setting up devices is as simple as 1-2-3. Register your device via scanning a QR code, easily set up your Wi-Fi with SSID Wizard, and get connected just in minutes. There are also advanced settings you can do for a more detailed configuration if needed.

Monitor and Manage the Network from the Palm of Your Hand

The Cloud To-Go networking app enables you to manage and monitor your network wherever you go. The visualised dashboard, the top ranking of usage, client lists, or instant notifications, etc., help you get insights into your network health and device status.

Flexible Network Expansion for Your Future Business Growth

EnGenius Cloud To-Go helps you expand your network with flexibility for your business growth. It is simple to manage networks of multiple companies and locations with a single-pane-of-glass via your smartphone. At the same time, users can use a web-based cloud portal to do advanced settings and management.

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