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KAUP Delivers New Attachment for Elgiganten

KAUP Delivers New Attachment for Elgiganten

KAUP Attachment has provided Elgiganten with two different attachments in one in order to complete their latest product order. Elgiganten is one of the largest retailers located in the consumer electronics and electrical household appliances. The retailer’s parent company is Elkjøp Group is owned by British Dixons Carphone plc, which is one of Europe’s largest consumer electronics retailers, with a presence in around 26 different countries worldwide.

One of the central components of Elgiganten success is their efficient logistics and on-site productivity, which is vital when running their 95,000 sqm. distribution centre. The Elgiganten distribution facility is used by the company in order to sort and handle their extensive product range in order to offer delivery to more than 289 electronic shops and online trading locations in the quickest and most efficient procedure possible.

In order to improve their on-site logistics, Elgiganten contacted KAUP, a German-based forklift truck attachment manufacturer. KAUP was chosen to supply the company was chosen to provide a specialist solution for handling the wide range of goods that are offered by Elgiganten. The electronic retailer was looking for a new tailor made attachment that will be able to handle palletized goods and also non-palletized loads such as white household goods: washing machines, fridges etc.

This new 1T413G/180TM attachment manufactured by KAUP has delivered a solution that offers two attachments in one. This newly manufactured bespoke attachment means that the company is able to move the goods held on pallets and can also be used to transport non-palletized white goods. This specialist attachment has been designed and manufactured by KAUP and contains a number of unique features such as appliance clamp arms, with an opening range of up to 1.550mm, and can be used for the handling of non-palletized goods. The mechanically folding forks can also be tilted upwards when not in use, or lowered when required for the handling and transportation of pallets.

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