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JLT Produces 100,000th Rugged Computer

JLT Produces 100,000th Rugged Computer

JLT Mobile Computers has celebrated the production of their 100,000th rugged computer. The leading developer and manufacturer of reliable computers perfect for use in a demanding environment. This significant milestone has been reached by the company who focus on delivering reliable computer systems to their professional clients.

The 100,000th celebratory unit was presented to the Project Manager at Volvo Car Body Components, Mikael Hofflander by Per Holmberg, the CEO of JLT Mobile Computers. This ceremony took place at JLT’s production site in Ronneby, Sweden, with Volvo as the recipient as the manufacturer of rugged computer systems was in the process of supplying Volvo with a larger order of JLT VERSO™+ 10 computers.

In order to mark the landmark production number, the jubilee unit was supplied to their client with a 100,000-hour warranty. This is the equivalent to more than 4,000 days under warranty, or 11 years of continuous use. This warranty has been given to celebrate the company’s achievements as well as highlight JLT’s commitment to producing high standard products for their clients. By the time the 11 year warranty is up, JLT will have hopefully produced another 100,000 units, if not more.

JLT was a pioneer of the rugged computer in 1994, and since then the company has worked hard to deliver ruggedness, performance and reliability. These qualities have merged to form an essential part of JLT’s working quality philosophy. When working with Volvo Car Body Components, JLT thoroughly defined the requirements for the IT solution that would help their clients and equip their forklifts in a way that met their specification. It was decided between the two companies that reliability was vital to ensure that the units has the lowest amount of downtime possible, to prevent disruptions to their business and costs that could be incurred from this.

The company has been working their way back to top form after the 2009 recession, therefore it is great news for the company that the 100,000th unit has been produced and delivered to their customer.

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