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Why Is Accurate Forecasting and Scheduling So Important?


Why Is Accurate Forecasting and Scheduling So Important? : Many manufacturers rely on disconnected systems to help them forecast their demand, which results in a lack of understanding of the bigger picture. In order to accurately drive the entire supply chain surrounding your operations, it’s vital to have a clear understanding of what your customers want, and when they want it.

Reliance on legacy systems and historical data sets, often results in gaps in knowledge of the current forecasting outlook. In today’s business world it’s important that manufacturers understand that their old systems cannot support the demands of today’s customers. Having a system that supports demand forecasting can help businesses bring improvements throughout their operations, from capacity planning, financial planning and helping to reduce their supply chain costs.

Forecasting in most organisations is critical to managing the demand through the supply chain, and in ‘Made to Stock’ manufacturing organisations, it is vital to allow the smoothing of demand through production, whilst keeping customer demand satisfied. IFS Demand Planning can help reduce the complexity of forecasting. It allows you to plan accurately using visual graphs, rather than leaving you to get caught up in the confusion of statistics and formulas.

How can it bring you tangible business benefits?                          

You gain the flexibility and agility, to build monthly, weekly or daily forecasts that you can trust.

Utilising IFS Demand Planner means that your planning team on site no longer need to manually check for any changes to forecasts from the previous month. Any net changes, or new forecasts are updated automatically.

Our solution provides a faster, smarter forecast management process, resulting in you having more time to focus on important detailed production planning and scheduling.

How can we help you get smarter with your planning processes?

We have helped many organisations reap the rewards of utilising automated forecasting and planning effectively; creating a more agile way of working, reducing manual entry and ultimately leaving you with smarter, more accurate forecasts.

Find out some of our tips and tricks for making sure your demand planning processes are up to scratch, join our Forecasting Webinar. Sign-up here.

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