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Three Scottish Ski Resorts Set to Guarantee Snow with Factories

Three Scottish Ski Resorts Set to Guarantee Snow with Factories

Three of the ski resorts in Scotland have released news that they are guaranteed snow this winter. The reason behind their certainty? The Great British weather has not decided to settle down, the resorts have decided to make their own.

Technoalpin Snowfactories work to manufacture snow and will be on site at CairnGorm Mountain and Glencoe Mountain by early December in order to deliver the snow needed to cover some of the slopes in the resort.

The ski resort in Glencoe has formed an agreement with the snow manufacturers in order to see the company at work where there is no natural snowfall. This leasing deal will be beneficial for the resorts, allowing them to stay open with a guarantee of snow. It has been proposed that if there is an early start to the snow cover, the snow factory will be used at the base station as opposed to further up the mountain.

The three resorts that will be guaranteed snow as a part of their work with Technoalpin Snowfactories are Glencoe, CairnGorm and The Lecht in Aberdeenshire. Though the two resorts mentioned previously have agreed that the company will be at work by December, the latter Aberdeenshire resort will be installing a snow factory that will be powered by a wind turbine on a trial basis later on in the season, during February and March. The deal means that snow will be guaranteed on the nursery and Osprey slopes in the school half term holiday as well as the run up to the end of the ski season and Easter.

The Chairwoman for Ski-Scotland, Heather Negus has commented on the deal that has been made at these resorts and has said that the snowsports areas will be prepared to welcome the snow for the new season, whether it is natural or man-made, to offer the perfect playground for skiing and snowboarding guests.

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