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The Importance of Project Manufacturing

The Importance of Project Manufacturing

The Importance of Project Manufacturing : Many companies that require a project-based approach work in highly challenging and competitive environments, governed by their customers’ varying requirements. Working in such complex situations means that being able to accurately track and review each element of a project to ensure profitability is maintained is crucially important. 

How can project manufacturing help?

  • Manufacturing of one-off unique orders
  • Orders requiring stage by stage construction
  • Orders requiring after sales service
  • Orders requiring customer site installation

In many circumstances, businesses that could make use of project manufacturing face similar challenges, complex projects, and long lead times. The requirement to accurately estimate and produce quotes to successfully win new business, comparing budgeted costs with actual costs and providing a sufficient after sales support service to the customer base. These challenges can be faced head on with the use of project manufacturing. 

One way of being able to support your project approach is with an ERP solution. An ERP solution with project management elements enables projects to be planned with specific timelines in mind and targets set. Other potential benefits of using ERP to assist in your manufacturing when taking a project-based approach include:

  • The ability to easily view historical data to help estimate costs for projects during the bidding phase and ultimately manage risk
  • You can bid more accurately and with greater confidence (or not bid at all based on assessed profitability)
  • Monitor projects in real-time
  • Track estimated costs versus actual costs
  • Support any Just in Time purchasing efforts and effectively manage inventory
  • True business agility, to have the flexibility to work in the way you want

If you’d like to be able to learn more about how your business can make use of project manufacturing and the benefits of an ERP solution to your processes, please get in touch with our Cedar Bay team here

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