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Number of Different Individuals Have Been Using Technology to Manage How They Work

Number of Different Individuals Have Been Using Technology to Manage How They Work

In order to develop and improve quality of life, a number of different individuals have been using technology in order to better manage how they work and therefore achieve an improved work life balance. It is unsure how exactly technology is going to come into play with individuals, education, the government, economy safety nets in the future.

There is also a resistance shown by the government to develop a better work/life environment. In the government’s stead other corporations are using their resources in order to design and develop systems that could lead to a better way of working and living. However a challenge that has been faced by doing this is people. Everyone is different and individualism make developing better work/life environments harder. Also a challenge that is being faced is that tailoring working life to suit an individual also comes into conflict with safety nets put out by society. This means that people have to balance and compromise between their work/life dreams and ambitions in favour of what is practical to live from day to day.

The McKinsey Global Institute have recently sponsored a conference that looked into The Digital Future of Work. The conference took place at the NYU Stern School of Business. The Global Institutes was first established in 1990 and works in order to try and understand the global economy. The research that is carried out by the institute allows leaders in the commercial and public sector information which can be used when making policy decisions.

One of the main changes the future is thought to bring that would impact the way we worked is the use of AI and robotics. The conference looked into the economic impacts of this development and how labor supply and developing the required skill set in the robotics would take place in order to make this jump a success. Another impact is that of the digital technologies that are now available. In the future, these digital platforms are thought to impact new work or job models across employment, whether that is on individual career paths, job searches, or job sources.

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