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Making Your Content Count


Making Your Content Count : Liz Waterhouse, PR and content manager at specialist marketing agency FIG, shares some tips on how to help your content cut through the noise.

The HubSpot State of Marketing Report, 2021 revealed that 82% of marketers use content marketing to inform customers and prospects about their brand. Yet, with so much content and numerous channels out there, audiences are switching off and filtering out all but the most important content.

Whether content leads directly to a decision to buy or contributes to brand reputation, it needs to be engaging and relevant to your audience. To really break through the clutter of emails, tweets, posts and adverts, your content must resonate with your audience and tell them a story they want to hear.

So what makes good content?

Know your audience

Understanding who you’re targeting is key. What do your prospects need? What are their ‘pain points’ and how are you going to solve them?

What’s your hook?

In a world that’s overloaded with marketing hype, you need to give people a reason to listen to you. Your content must tell a story that will pull your audience in. What message are you conveying? Is it worth saying? Why should they listen to you? Be different, but be authentic.

Use keywords

Keywords count for SEO, so make sure your content is visible to Google and other search engines. Think about the keywords your audience might use when searching online and weave them into your content.

Promote content on social media

Sharing your content on social channels will boost its visibility and also help to build trust through engagement. Loyalty is so important in a crowded marketplace, so try to create brand ‘advocates’ (passionate customers who will shout about your brand, products and services and will share your achievements with their followers).

Be visual

Your content may be amazing, but it needs to come alive with creative imagery or video. According to HubSpot, video is the number one format marketers use, so use it when you can.

Be consistent

Irregular posting of content is ineffective – you need to post frequently to build your audience.

Play the long game

The optimum length for a blog is around 2500 words, but it must be high quality content with no waffle!

Use a call to action

You want your audience to engage and take action, so always prompt them with a clear call to action.


Need help?

FIG is a specialist creative marketing and B2B PR agency and we help clients build their businesses through integrated marketing campaigns, including PR, content and social media. If you’d like some assistance, visit or call us on 01457 857111.

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