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Jonas Hotel Offers Housing for Students as well as Visitors

Jonas Hotel Offers Housing for Students as well as Visitors

The Jonas Hotel, open in Endcliffe a unique development that offers housing for students as well as visitors to the city in one location. The Hotel has been developed by a UK university and the accommodation will be the first of its kind, to merge student housing with hotel space.

The Jonas Hotel is expected to open on the 14th of August and work to bring the concept to life has been carried out through a £2 million redevelopment of Jonas Court, formerly a block of student accommodation. The new hotel will be operated by UNICUS which is the commercial arm of The University of Sheffield.

Further news from this groundbreaking development is that local manufacturers will also be used to supply the hotel. The fruit-infused water brand PHROOTI, and Cafeology the specialist coffee and tea manufacturer and distribution company have been chosen as suppliers for the hotel. The contract to supply the Hotel is also a great opportunity for the two Sheffield based companies.

PHROOTI was first launched in 2015 by the former University of Sheffield student and entrepreneur Jerome Jacobs. Cafeology was launched in 2003 and has been supplying Halifax Hall since its opening in 2013. The tea and coffee distributor has a distribution site at Meadowhall and currently employs 14 people. Cafeology has signed a three-year agreement to supply tea and coffee to UNICUS across all of their Sheffield sites.  

The Jonas Hotel will also have milk supplied by the Dungworth based company Our Cow Molly. UNICUS and Our Cow Molly made an exclusive deal in 2012 to supply milk to all of the university’s cafes.

The Jonas Hotel looked for ethical and sustainable procurement when supplying the hotel and student accommodation development, therefore the contract of local companies is a great way to locally source produce while also helping the companies expand. It is also great to see the University continuing to support alumni, by choosing Jerome Jacobs and PHROOTI.

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