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How Engineering Can Benefit from Better Planning


Overseeing the movements of people, equipment, transport and office space is an engineering project manager’s ultimate goal. Using a flexible resource planning tool, engineering companies can see where equipment is and where the operators are located (and most importantly if they are free).

They can also add in information around maintenance of tools, vacations or training as well as bookings to know the whereabouts and the condition (damaged, shipping, in order) of their equipment.

Ganttic is one such resource planning tool that is both flexible and efficient. It is designed to be used in whichever way best fits the organisation’s needs. Whether they are looking to build a simple resource schedule, a complex resource management system, or something in between, Ganttic can help to get things done efficiently and on time.

One of the biggest issues faced by the engineering sector is understanding the movement of people and equipment around the country or even around the world. Ganttic’s real-time planning capabilities coupled with multi-user access, gives visibility across an entire company. Everyone is in the loop. Expensive setbacks can be avoided as projects can be viewed weeks, months and even years in advance.

By the same token the ability to assign tasks to multiple resources, implement colour schemes and manage resource grouping can all help to streamline planning within the engineering industry.

Recent reports indicated that there is an increasing gap between the availability of project managers and the huge boom within the manufacturing and engineering sectors. Better planning systems can only help companies save money and streamline their enterprises.

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