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Go Green This Holiday Season with Toymaker Mondo

Go Green This Holiday Season with Toymaker Mondo

Italian Toy maker, Mondo has launched two new green projects: BioBall and ReNewToys. The new BioBall is the only ball made with a new bio-based formula, which replaces 50% of fossil-derived substances with a renewable sourced plant derivative to create a 100% phthalate-free playball. The new formula not only makes it the first green ball, but also contributes to improving its flexibility and, consequently, its playability.

Mondo has also released ReNewToys, a brand-new set of beach products (buckets, rakes, spades and more) built using recycled materials coming from the pre-consumer food chain, making them safer for children and toddlers.

One of the biggest problems we face today is the impact of man-made materials on the environment. For example, if you look at pollution in the Mediterranean Sea, 95% of the waste in its waters is plastic1. Similar problems are being experienced all around the planet, and the only way these problems can be solved is by implementing real change.

Committed to caring for our coastlines, Mondo is investing heavily in research and development and committing itself proactively to find concrete and useful solutions to substitute plastic materials with environmentally sustainable options. Through its products and its choices, Mondo communicates its respect for nature: a real commitment to effectively contribute to awareness, growth and education of new generations to help the children of today become more aware adults tomorrow.

Mondo is a multinational group with headquarters in Italy founded in 1948 by Edmondo Stroppiana. Over 70 years of experience in the toy sector. In addition to Mondo Toys, the group also has two other divisions operating worldwide: Sport&Flooring (flooring and sports equipment) and Artigo (civil flooring). In the toys sector, the company operates in the categories of PVC balls and sports balls, beach toys (buckets, rackets, boards), inflatables and scooters. Through the MondoMotors brand, the toys division also operates successfully in the field of toys, static and radio-controlled vehicles.

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