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Get to Know the Solar System of the Future

Get to know the solar system of the future

When it comes to the solar system of the future, customer demands are increasing and suppliers have to constantly keep up with these demands. This way, the solar market keeps developing at incredible speed. With its latest innovation MarcS, GOLDBECK SOLAR is currently developing a completely new way of building solar systems: flexible, efficient, and multifunctional.

MarcS stands for Mounted Arch System. The solar system merges agriculture and photovoltaics in a completely new way. The idea behind MarcS arose from direct cooperation with customers, their questions, and wishes. The goal: to develop a system that makes land doubly usable: for harvesting valuable solar energy and for other use, for example, for agriculture in the Agri-PV sector.

Even the shape of MarcS is unusual. Instead of the flat arrangement familiar from solar systems, the modules in MarcS are installed in an arc shape. This shape is inspired by the great architects of our time and is characterised by particular stability. However, it also makes it possible to build over larger ground areas in a stable manner and to create space under the system.

The arch construction is not fixed and static, it is installed on rails and can thus be moved flexibly in order to protect or release specific areas. The entire structure is scalable, movable and can also be installed fast and automatically. In the future also a waterproof version will come to the market, as well as the possibility to collect and store rainwater.

MarcS is currently in development. But the idea has already been nominated for the Intersolar Award 2021.

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