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Take Control of Your Business’s Credit Profiles Today

Take Control of Your Business's Credit Profiles Today

Take Control of Your Business’s Credit Profiles Today : Lightbulb Credit understands the complex challenges you may face in this industry and is here to support you. Your credit profiles can significantly impact your business, don’t wait another day to unlock valuable insights.

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Request your FREE Credit Insight Report now

Lightbulb Credit’s Credit Insight Report summarises:

  • How your business is rated by each key rating agency
  • How your credit profiles have changed within the last 12 months
  • Any CCJ data
  • The risk bandings that your company is classified by
  • Additional insights.

Lightbulb Credit is the only company in the UK that checks your credit profiles across all key rating agencies. This includes Creditsafe, Experian, Equifax, Dun & Bradstreet and Red Flag Alert.

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The benefits of knowing and understanding your credit profiles

  • Gain a strong understanding of your creditworthiness 
  • Learn where the areas for improvement are
  • Quickly detect errors and inaccuracies.

Lightbulb Credit offers additional bespoke solutions, including Credit Improvement and Credit Monitoring. Each solution helps you to understand, improve and monitor your credit profiles. 

Your personalised insights are just around the corner…

According to Creditsafe, the average credit score within the manufacturing and engineering industry in England is 68.68 out of 100, which is seen as medium risk. It’s time for you to understand your credit profiles.

Typically, you will receive your free report in as little as 24 hours.

 It’s time to take control, make informed decisions and set your business on a path to success. 

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