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RetroScents Sign Licensing Deal With Tangerine for Sweets Based Air-Fresheners

RetroScents Sign Licensing Deal With Tangerine for Sweets Based Air-Fresheners

RetroScents, the Nottingham based manufacturer of in-car air fresheners have announced that they have signed a licensing deal with an international supplier as well as a leading UK independent manufacturer of sugar confectionery and branded popcorn.

The company has signed a deal with Tangerine, and will no doubt be the latest in a long line of merchandising successes for the Nottingham-based air freshener firm, whose scented products have been created in order to create a sense of childhood nostalgia. Confectionary manufacturer Tangerine owns a number of traditional sweets that have been popular for years and are still popular to this day, such as DipDab, Sherbet Fountain, Fruit Salad, Blackjack, Henry Goode and Princess Mallows.

RetroScents has recently had success from licensing deals that have been made with Disney, Columbia Pictures and Universal Studios in order to create a range of air-fresheners based on the characters featured in the popular Star Wars; The Force Awakens movie as well as The Angry Birds film, Minions and the sequel to Finding Nemo, Finding Dory. The air-freshener manufacturer has also worked with Emoji, the Hong Kong company.

The deal that has been made with Tangerine further illustrates that the company is able to tap into the rapidly expanding retro market, and will create a range of products that will help to evoke long-lost memories. The Tangerine and RetroScents partnership that has been formed will deliver childhood nostalgia into the adult automotive market through the manufacturer of these new air-freshener products, and offering a truly unique product for their car care requirements.

Tangerine has recently made deals with Candy Crush and Butterkist, and no doubt their latest agreement with the major, multi-product manufacturer will be as successful for the Nottingham based manufacturing company. RetroScents’ ranges of air-freshener are stocked at Asda, Euro Garages, Morrisons, MRH, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Wilko.

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