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Proto Labs Announced the Biggest Infrastructure Investment That the Company Has Made

Proto Labs Announced the Biggest Infrastructure Investment That the Company Has Made

Proto Labs has announced that they will be announcing the biggest infrastructure investment that the company has made. The investment of the Rapid prototyping and on demand manufacturer will be made into the machinery and renovations found at their site in Telford. Proto Labs will be making investments into their infrastructure worth €4 million, the equivalent of £3.6 million.

The manufacturing company will be carrying out these investments in response to the expected demand for their services across Europe in the near future. The company offers a range of digital manufacturing services. These services include 3D Printing as well as CNC machining and injection moulding. The fast turnaround expected by customers in areas such as product development means manufacturers need to invest in infrastructure in order to meet customer expectation.

As a part of the investment, Proto Labs have announced that they have made a large scale order for a collection of Haas CNC machines and Arburg injection moulding machines. The market for injection moulded products in expanding and the demand for them in increasing. Proto Labs are seeing more orders for these types of products from established customers as well as new clients. Therefore it is important that the business invest in this area in order to meet demand and grow successfully. Proto Labs Telford facility now has 130 CNC machining and 57 injection moulding machines including the new ones that have been ordered as part of the company’s investment.

The increasing possible applications for 3D Printing is also making this a key area for investment, as more industries are using this manufacturing process for their products. Proto Labs’ 3D printing facilities are in Germany. With manufacturing processes advancing, for some products the only possible way to create them is through the use of 3D Printing, and as more technological advancements are made, the more 3D printing could be incorporated, meaning that investment into this area is central to being successful in the advancing manufacturing industry.

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