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Midlands Based Concrete Block Manufacturer Announced That They Have Experienced a Record Turnover

Midlands Based Concrete Block Manufacturer Announced That They Have Experienced a Record Turnover

A Midlands based concrete block manufacturer has announced that they have experienced a record turnover. This leading construction firm has appeared to have gone against the national trend for turnover in the construction industry by recording a new high level turnover. The national trend in the industry has seen turnover levels drop by 9% across the nation. However, Besblock, the Midlands firm that operates two factories in Telford has managed to beat their own records for turnover, releasing news that it was up by 65% year-on-year.

Besblock is an award winning producer of concrete blocks, and has appeared to buck the trend by reporting such a high level of turnover. Over the last 12 months it has been said that the company has worked hard to break all of their targets and adopt a range of new systems and approaches that could have helped them see a marked improvement in turnover.

Besblock has also said that another reason for their success is the relationships the company have managed to build with some of the largest homebuilding companies. The relationship with this sector will have been vital for the construction firm to beat their targets. With the demand for new build houses increasing in order to tackle the housing deficit that has built up over the years, therefore manufacturers and suppliers for this sector have a vital opportunity to flourish.

The company is doing well in the uncertain and tough times that the construction industry is facing at the moment, and the ability to beat their record turnover level is remarkable and a credit to the hard work that has been put in by those working at Besblock.

Besblock are now planning to invest in new technology and more environmentally friendly vehicles. These investments will hopefully allow the company to manufacture more blocks while saving a great deal of energy and cutting down their greenhouse gas emissions.

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