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Materials Discovery Center Has Been Opened by Metalysis

Materials Discovery Center Has Been Opened by Metalysis

A Materials Discovery Centre has been opened by Metalysis at the Advanced Manufacturing Park. The company has spent £10 million in expanding across a new R&D facility, the Materials Discovery Centre, which is located at the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham and the technological expansion at Materials Production Centre in Wath-upon-Dearne in South Yorkshire. The Materials Production Centre is thought to help with bringing forward the ‘next generation’. It is thought that this expansion will lead to Metalysis employing 100 new people across the production and research sites.

Metalysis is the company that is behind a disruptive technology for solid-state metals as well as novel alloys production. The new Materials Discovery Centre will be where Metalysis will carry out bespoke and commercial R&D projects that will produce exotic metal powders for the use in high performance alloys that are needed in a growing capacity among additive manufacturing applications in sectors such as the aerospace and automotive. The first new customer for Metalysis is the rare earth miner Mkango Resources, as it was announced on the 20th March that the miner had asked Metalysis for a commercial R&D programme in order to develop the 3D printed rare earth magnets that can be used on electric vehicles.

Metalysis committed £10 million to creating the Materials Discovery Centre and the Materials Manufacture Centre in order to complete the ‘Generation 4’ technological expansion. The company’s new expansion will then enable ‘Generation 5’ which could see Metalysis manufacturing options for thousands of tonnes every year of high value metal alloy powders. It is hoped that the ‘Generation 5’ section of the expansion will take place later this calendar year.

Metalysis will also carry on their tradition of providing work placement opportunities as well as providing support for school career activities in STEM subjects for students from local secondary school. The company is in ongoing talks regarding local apprenticeship places.

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