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Manufacturing Grant for Breakthrough Start-ups Directed by Under 30s

Manufacturing Grant for Breakthrough Start-ups Directed by Under 30s

CNC machining services provider ‘Get It Made’ is offering a £10,000 grant to manufacturing start-ups led by under 30s. Those selected to receive the grant will be able to spend the money on developing solutions to progress their chosen industry.

With a huge variety of new technologies emerging across all industries in the manufacturing sector, whether it be aerospace, robotics, or green energy, the team at Get It Made has recognised that the under 30s are playing a huge role in innovation across the board.

“The under 30s are key to building a better future for all of us, and the current cohort of under 30s in the manufacturing sector are as innovative as ever. In particular, when it comes to developing solutions that are designed, from the off, with the environment in mind, younger people have a much stronger willingness to make this happen,” commented Luke Smoothy, Director of Get It Made.

“The next decade will see huge advancements in space travel, automating supply chains through robotics and technologies playing a part in the green revolution. Under 30s showing a drive and high level of inventive thinking should be rewarded with being able to bring their products to life, and to market. If we can play a small part in bringing change to the world in a positive sense through supporting young manufacturing start-ups, we will be delighted.”

The grant will provide manufactured parts (to the value of £10,000), as well as allow the successful applicants to work with Get It Made’s engineers. This collaboration will result in a huge acceleration of the design and development of the winning idea.

The manufacturing grant is available to start-up businesses that are smaller and currently less established in any sector of the manufacturing industry, as well as having to be led by a person under 30. They must have launched in the last three years and have fewer than 25 employees. University-based research projects are also eligible for the grant, and those chosen will have direct access to Get It Made engineers who will help support the project from a ‘Design for Manufacturing’ perspective.

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