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Introducing a Free Company Credit Insight Report: A Bespoke Solution, Ideal for the Manufacturing Industry

Introducing a Free Company Credit Insight Report: A Bespoke Solution, Ideal for the Manufacturing Industry

Lightbulb Credit are the company credit profile experts. Since 2018, Lightbulb Credit has put over 1.5 billion pounds back on its clients’ balance sheets through improved supplier terms. Lightbulb Credit has also enabled over 700 million pounds worth of funding.


Lightbulb Credit is the only company in the UK that provides data from all of the main agencies, including Credit Safe, Experian, Equifax, Dun & Bradstreet and Red Flag Alert.

“The manufacturing and engineering sector is working capital sensitive, so having strong credit profiles is important. This directly impacts your supplier terms, the success of tendering for work and your ability to raise finance. You must prioritise building and maintaining robust credit profiles to propel your businesses forward.“ says James Piper, Founder and CEO of Lightbulb Credit.

Lightbulb Credit offers manufacturing and engineering businesses a free Company Credit Insight Report that outlines your credit profiles and how these have changed in the last 12 months. W​​hen you request your free report, you will typically receive this within 24 hours.

“We love being able to improve credit profiles for our clients. One example of this was a plastic product manufacturer client based in the West Midlands. After struggling to obtain reasonable credit terms from key suppliers, the client signed up to our whole market Credit Monitoring service.

The client was shocked to see a disparity in a specific credit rating. We were able to support them by sharing updated information with the agency in question, which was immediately addressed.”

Alongside a free Company Credit Report, Lightbulb Credit offers two additional services.

Credit Improvement

You could improve your credit profiles in as little as 72 hours! Lightbulb Credit’s unique “success fee” based solution means that you don’t pay a penny if they can’t improve them, it’s risk-free.

Credit Monitoring

Lightbulb Credit’s monitoring service ensures that you are aware of any changes to business credit profiles across all five of the main agencies. With monthly summaries and real-time alerts, you will stay in control.

Your credit profiles matter now more than ever, especially in the manufacturing and engineering industry. Request your free Company Credit Insight Report today, visit


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