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Forward-Thinking Industrial Distributor Is Targeting Growth

Forward-Thinking Industrial Distributor Is Targeting Growth

MSC Industrial Supply Co. UK – a UK based industrial supply distributor – is placing its people and culture at the heart of its growth ambitions as the organisation goes from strength to strength.

Despite the challenges faced by the manufacturing sector in recent years, particularly as a result of Brexit and Covid-19, MSC has continued to prosper. As a Midlands-based business, it sits at the heart of British manufacturing and, as such, is committed to supporting manufacturers to strengthen their businesses and secure their competitiveness in an increasingly interrupted global marketplace.

Now, MSC is aiming to grow its UK workforce by 20% in the next 12-18 months, providing up to 50 opportunities for people to join an established and fast-growing distribution firm – one which is built around innovation, which pioneers change, and is committed to British manufacturing.

“Supporting manufacturers to strengthen their businesses is what propels MSC forward, and we’re proud to have continued to do that even while navigating the recent pandemic and implications arising from Brexit. It’s been a tough couple of years for the sector, but we’ve remained focused on helping businesses to build back stronger and more resilient. Everything from our Brexit Readiness Group through to our quick response to Covid-19 has helped this and enabled us to maintain a thriving working environment for our people and a high standard of service for each of our customers,” said Penny Davies, Human Resources Director at MSC Industrial Supply Co. UK.

“Whatever the challenge, we always do what we set out to, by taking challenges and transforming them into opportunities. It’s testament to this approach that we’ve continued to grow – and now we’re laying the foundations for future success by supporting our leaders in developing and maintaining a thriving cultural environment. For those who are passionate about the manufacturing industry, the future is exciting, and we’re thrilled to be leading the way and growing our team by a further 20%.”

To deliver the best results for each of its customers, the industrial distributor adopts a unique approach: a market-leading range of solutions combined with hands-on expertise. This partnering attitude sees MSC work with its customers to implement the best solutions for them to ensure they get the results they need to drive their business forward.

For this approach to be successful, MSC has built its business around its people. Centered around an ethos of ‘Built To Make You Better’, every member of the MSC team is supported to constantly learn, develop and grow – fuelling their passion for the industry and expanding their expertise. This commitment to its team recently saw MSC receive a ‘world class’ three-star accreditation from Best Companies, recognising the business as a leader in workplace engagement.

MSC UK is part of the global MSC business, whose North American headquarters is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year. While the UK arm is firmly rooted in the engineering heartland of the Midlands, understanding the uniqueness and challenges of British manufacturing, the business’ international links bring together global relationships and financial stability to secure robust supply chains which ensure the continuity of supply for UK companies, even in challenging times.

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