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Schréder Temporarily Suspends Production at 4 European Factories

Schréder Temporarily Suspends Production at 4 European Factories : Schréder Group, the world leader in intelligent outdoor lighting solutions, today announced that it has temporarily suspended production in 4 of its European factories to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in our communities.

Bringing meaningful moments to people in public spaces, Schréder is very much embedded in the local communities where we operate and live. Consequently, the health and safety of our employees, partners, customers and the communities themselves is and always has been our highest priority.

With COVID-19 officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation, we have been putting global measures into place to protect our 2,600 employees worldwide, our customers and our communities, while making the best efforts to ensure continuity in business activities and customer service.

Taking the above into consideration and due to the rapidly changing situation, the company has decided to temporarily suspend production at 4 of its European factories, until 5th April, namely: Spain, France, Hungary and Portugal.

Parallel to this decision, we are ensuring business continuity by maintaining client service, keeping the provisioning and expeditions open at these locations (while putting in place the recommended employee security and health measures), as well as organising our supply chain to be fully operational for when we reopen.

Our factories in China, South Africa and Ukraine will remain operational. We will continue to monitor the on-going developments and will re-evaluate our plans accordingly.

As a family-owned industrial group, the Schréder Group wants to take responsibility and give absolute priority to the health of our employees and the societies in which we operate. We want to give our maximum support to the authorities in their efforts to contain COVID-19. We believe the temporary suspension of operation in these 4 plants will support that, and we hope that other industrial companies in non-critical sectors follow our example to help contain COVID-19.

We are very proud of the sense of responsibility and compliance of our employees and their commitment with the company’s values, as demonstrated throughout this crisis outbreak. We are thankful for the expressed support from many customers and ensure that we are doing our best efforts to ensure our commitments towards them, while contributing to society.

For over 112 years, Schréder, our customers, and the communities we serve, have faced challenges, big and small, and come through them all by supporting each other and working together. By taking these actions, we wish to slow down the spread of this virus and avoid overloading health care systems.

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