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Regulatory Affairs Professional Society Forms New European Council For Medical Regulations

Regulatory Affairs Professional Society Forms New European Council For Medical Regulations

A new EU Council has been set up in order to shape and support European Expansion. The Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society will be increasing their presence in Europe with the launch of their first ever European Council.

The announcement of the new council has come after the revelation that the Regulatory Affairs Professional Society, RAPS, will be investing more than 2 million euro over the course of the next three years. This investment has been put towards the Society’s growth plan in Europe. This new European Council will be used to offer support to RAPS members as well as the growing base of volunteers across Europe to ensure compliance with global regulations, push for regulatory excellence and improve public health.

The newly formed Council will steer RAPS’ EU decisions and offer a more detailed understanding of the global and local context of regulations across the medical device, pharmaceutical and biotech markets. The Council will also be involved on an operational level, as they will be responsible for expanding and supporting the European activities of the Society.

RAPS has also announced that its Swiss chapter is the first ever to complete the official registration process in order to become a not for profit association under Swiss law. The Chapter operating in Switzerland has been created in order to offer an in-person forum to be used by regulatory professionals to network with peers as well as share insights into the latest regulation requirements.

RAPS is the largest global organisation of and for those who work in the regulation of healthcare related products. In highly regulated environments such as the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors it is essential that the regulatory professional stay up to date about the latest developments in guidelines and regulations. These regulations present a huge challenge for manufacturers, and the ability to discuss the changes is idea for the progression of the industry in the future.

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