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Locit Championing Women’s Employment


A locker manufacturer has put a motorbike mechanic’s engineering dream back on track, fuelling its mission to tackle gender disparity in the sector. Locit, a designer and manufacturer of steel lockers and innovative storage solutions, is championing women’s employment in the manufacturing and engineering sectors.

It follows a report from Engineering UK that revealed the number of women working in engineering dropped from 16.5% to 15.7% in the past year. Meanwhile, the gender split in manufacturing remains stubbornly imbalanced, with women making up only 26% of the workforce.

At Locit, 25% of its 45-strong workforce are women, distributed across production, administrative and sales roles. In recognition of International Women in Engineering Day 2024 (INWED24), the Deeside-based company has pledged to redouble its efforts to address gender disparity in its business and showcase its advanced manufacturing processes and technologies to attract women into the sector

Jessy Pauletto exemplifies Locit’s initiative. As a production assistant, she plays a crucial role in the manufacturing process, ensuring smooth operations as Locit aims to meet growing demand.

It is a dream job for the 34-year-old Brazilian, and she begins to fulfil her long-held career ambitions.

“I was always curious about how things worked,” Jessy explained. “If a household appliance broke down, I would take it apart, work my way around its mechanism using guides and try to fix it. I had a mechanical mindset and loved using my hands.”

When Jessy couldn’t afford a technical education, she trained and worked as a masseuse and later as a tattoo artist. But the call to engineering was too strong, so she retrained as a motorbike mechanic.

But after moving to the UK in 2021, Jessy found that her Brazilian qualifications weren’t recognised, and she struggled to find suitable work.

At Locit, Jessy has found an environment where her skills and passion are valued and she can progress. In less than a year, Jessy has been promoted to team leader.

“Just being in an engineering environment is a buzz,” Jessy said. “It’s where I feel most at home, getting my hands dirty, playing a part in making these fantastic products from scratch.

“While only a few of us women are on the factory floor, the guys are supportive and inclusive. Locit has provided me with a fantastic opportunity to work in a modern manufacturing environment, learn more skills, and progress to working on the machinery. I feel incredibly lucky.”

Richard Williams, CEO of Locit, said: “In honour of International Women in Engineering Day, we are thrilled to spotlight Jessy’s inspiring journey from Brazil to a dynamic role at Locit, exemplifying the contribution of women to engineering fields worldwide. Her story stems from curiosity, resilience, and a passion for machinery, which has guided her career and broken barriers.

“Locit is genuinely dedicated to supporting women in engineering by creating growth opportunities and fostering an inclusive environment. Jessy’s journey embodies how the company recognises and nurtures talent, regardless of gender.”

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