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Glassman Latin America


Shaping the Future of Glass Manufacturing: Set against the vibrant backdrop of Mexico City, Glassman Latin America invites professionals from across the globe to engage in a pivotal event dedicated to the glass manufacturing industry. From the 15th-16th of May, this event, meticulously organised by Glass International, stands as a beacon for innovation, technology, and sustainability in glass production, packaging and research and development.

Glassman Latin America 2024, organized by the esteemed publishers of Glass International, is poised to illuminate the glass manufacturing industry with its vibrant conference and exhibition in Mexico City. This prestigious event, taking place at Expo Santa Fe from 15-16 May 2024, promises to be a melting pot of innovation, showcasing over 80 exhibitors and drawing more than a thousand visitors from around the globe.

The event, featuring over 100 exhibitors representing manufacturing, supplier, associaitons, end users, and more, serves as a comprehensive platform for exploring the latest advancements in the glass industry. The event is distinguished by its focus on cutting-edge technologies that enhance efficiency, quality, and sustainability in production processes. Through interactive sessions, workshops, and exhibits, attendees will discover innovative solutions ranging from melting technology to advanced forming techniques, coating, and inspection technologies.


Innovation at the Forefront

At the heart of Glassman Latin America is a commitment to driving forward the future of glass manufacturing through cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices. The event offers a rich tapestry of technical presentations, case studies, and exhibitions, fostering an environment ripe for the exchange of knowledge and ideas. Attendees are invited to delve into the latest research and development projects, gaining invaluable insights that will keep them ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of the glass industry.

Sustainability: A Core Focus

In today’s world, sustainability is not just a goal but a necessity. Glassman Latin America emphasizes the critical role of ‘Green’ glass in promoting a sustainable future. With the industry at a crucial juncture, the event spotlights innovations in carbon reduction and the pivotal role of glass in energy efficiency and recyclability. From electric melting technologies to the integration of renewable energy sources, Glassman Latin America is a beacon for those dedicated to reducing the ecological footprint of glass production.

The event delves into the crucial role of sustainable practices in the glass industry, highlighting strategies for reducing energy consumption, minimizing waste, and incorporating recycling processes. Discussions will also cover the importance of adopting eco-friendly materials and the development of sustainable products that meet the growing consumer demand for environmentally responsible options.

Digitalisation and Decarbonisation: The Path Forward

Two transformative themes dominate the future of glass manufacturing: digitalisation and decarbonisation. Glassman Latin America 2024 will explore these themes in depth, highlighting digital technologies that enhance efficiency and sustainability, as well as strategies to significantly reduce the industry’s carbon footprint. The event promises to be a landmark gathering for professionals eager to embrace the digital revolution and lead the charge towards a greener industry.

In line with global efforts to combat climate change, the forum will address the industry’s challenges and opportunities in decarbonising glass manufacturing. Through a series of dedicated sessions, participants will explore actionable strategies for reducing carbon emissions and aligning with international environmental standards. The event aims to inspire collective action towards a greener, more sustainable glass manufacturing industry.

Overcoming Industry Challenges Through Innovation

Addressing the dynamic challenges of Industry 4.0, supply chain resilience, and environmental compliance, Glassman Latin America serves as a platform for innovative solutions. The conference program, curated to address the pivotal changes shaping glassmaking’s future, includes discussions on automation, AI, environmental regulations, and sustainable manufacturing practices.

Why Attend?

Attending Glassman Latin America 2024 offers unparalleled benefits: strategic insights from industry leaders, focused sessions on pressing industry challenges, and abundant networking opportunities. It’s an occasion to build meaningful connections, share experiences, and discover innovations that drive the glass industry forward.

Glassman Latin America is not just an event; it’s a movement towards a more innovative and sustainable future for the glass industry. It offers a unique convergence of knowledge, technology, and sustainability practices, providing attendees with insights and connections that will empower them to lead the industry towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

Join us in Mexico City for an event that promises to redefine the boundaries of glass manufacturing, setting new benchmarks for innovation, efficiency, and environmental stewardship.

A Global Gathering: Why Mexico City?

Mexico City, with its rich cultural and industrial heritage, provides the perfect backdrop for Glassman Latin America. The city’s strategic position in the Americas, combined with its thriving glass industry, makes it an ideal venue for this international event. Attendees will not only participate in a leading industry conference but also experience the vibrant culture and history 

Networking and Knowledge Exchange: A Gateway to Collaborative Success

Beyond the technological and sustainability insights, Glassman Latin America offers unparalleled networking opportunities. The event is designed to foster connections between industry leaders, innovators, and decision-makers, facilitating collaborations that drive the future of glass manufacturing. Attendees will have the chance to engage with experts, share experiences, and forge partnerships that transcend geographical boundaries.

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