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Driving the Future Together: Smurfit Kappa’s Customer Event 2023

Driving the Future Together: Smurfit Kappa's Customer Event 2023

On Thursday 23rd November, Smurfit Kappa hosted an exhilarating Customer Event at iconic British racing venue Silverstone Circuit, bringing together industry leaders, customers, and experts. With the overarching theme of ‘Driving the future together,’ the event aimed to empower customers to drive out risk, drive value, and drive sales.

In the dynamic world of packaging, staying ahead requires not just keeping pace but forging a path of innovation and sustainability. The event served as a compass, guiding industry players through the labyrinth of challenges and opportunities.

Understanding the pain points customers face in the packaging realm is integral to crafting solutions that truly make a difference. From supply chain complexities and the quest for sustainable practices, to the constant demand for innovative design solutions and the need to reduce costs, the event centred around addressing these challenges head-on.

An exhilarating exhibition

At the heart of the event was the extensive packaging experience, a hub of exploration where attendees delved into various facets of the packaging industry. From the creation of paper and board to machine systems, fresh produce packaging to printing and coating techniques, ecommerce solutions to retail and consumer packaging.

This fully immersive experience allowed customers to gain a deeper understanding of the latest trends, technologies and sustainability drivers shaping the future packaging landscape, helping to future-proof businesses.

Customers also gained valuable insights into streamlined supply chain dynamics and design innovation. Exploring optimised logistics and efficient inventory control, attendees discovered practical knowledge for navigating the ever-evolving packaging landscape.

Smurfit Kappa’s SupplySmart system creates a digital model of a business’ supply chain to deliver risk-free rewards by optimising packaging. Customers got to see how, by implementing SupplySmart to meticulously analyse and optimise their supply chain, Smurfit Kappa can help them to save space, reduce costs and deliver on sustainability targets.

A standout experience on the day was the exploration of the Design2Market Factory where customers voted and challenged Smurfit Kappa to design a 100% recyclable alternative to protective plastic packaging for delicate products through the eCommerce supply chain.

Smurfit Kappa had the day of the event to create the packaging solution which was live-streamed to attendees in the afternoon. The packaging solution resulted in a reduction of 115 tonnes of CO2, £224,000 in costs and 80 tonnes of plastic.

Innovation unleashed

The afternoon centred around thought-provoking presentations and dialogues led by industry experts. These sessions specifically addressed current opportunities and challenges that businesses are navigating both presently and in the foreseeable future. 

The discussions offered valuable perspectives on emerging market trends, presenting opportunities for business growth, and fostering a collaborative environment for insightful conversations. Attendees were able to gain profound insights into sustainability practices, innovative packaging solutions, and the key drivers shaping the industry’s future direction.

Sustainable overdrive

Sustainability was a key focus of the event, with discussions centering on eco-friendly practices, recycling, and cutting-edge innovations for current and future needs. Customers explored sustainability holistically, covering eco-conscious sourcing, green production, and practical end-of-life strategies, including successful recycling programs.

The event showcased advancements in smart packaging for traceability and materials engineering pushing sustainability boundaries. 

Tangible displays in the packaging exhibition included prototypes of eco-friendly packaging solutions and designs optimising space and materials. Discussions were an invitation to actively reshape the future of packaging, emphasising a collective responsibility for transformative change in the industry, aligning with Smurfit Kappa’s quest for Better Planet Packaging which seeks to make a positive impact on supply chains and consumers by reducing the environmental footprint of packaging and its traces on the planet.

Adrenaline-fueled game zone

Adding to the exhilaration, excitement, and interactivity of the day, the ‘game zone’ was a highlight of the event. Attendees were treated to the pulse-pounding experience of driving simulators, creating an electrifying breakout from the informative sessions.

This dynamic addition not only allowed participants to immerse themselves in the thrill of driving but also seamlessly aligned with the event’s overarching theme of ‘Driving the future together,’ making it a truly unforgettable experience.

Reflections on an unforgettable day

As the event unfolded, participants not only witnessed the industry’s forefront but also shared their impressions, solidifying the day’s significance. A satisfied customer, Neil Richards from Saputo Dairy UK remarked, “I thought the conference was very engaging, interactive and clearly business specific to our needs – well done to everyone involved!”

“The main thrust of the conference was to address our customers’ top packaging challenges which they told us about prior to the conference – Sustainability, Cost, and Innovation. The combination of the interactive exhibition and superb keynote speakers provided the perfect forum to inspire, challenge and share potential solutions to the common challenges that our customers face.  My sincere thanks to our customers that were able to attend and for their enthusiastic participation throughout. We look forward to driving the future together!” comments Jason Peckham, UK Customer Partnerships Director.

Jane Skelton, UK Innovation Director, said “I’d like to thank our customers for being so fully engaged with the members of our team who were manning the stands. We planned the event to be both informative and entertaining. The interest and enthusiasm at each stand made the hard work we put in during the last 6 months worthwhile. There was such a buzz throughout the whole day and evening. I really hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we all did.”

Driving the future of packaging with Smurfit Kappa 

Smurfit Kappa’s Customer Event at Silverstone Circuit proved to be a remarkable experience, successfully blending education, engagement, and entertainment. By exploring the diverse facets of packaging, embracing technological advancements, and focusing on sustainability, the event exemplified the commitment to ‘Driving the future together.’ 

As one of the leading suppliers of sustainable packaging, Smurfit Kappa are committed to being an impactful business and supporting a greener, bluer planet and with their purpose – to create, protect and care.

The thrilling event not only enriched the knowledge of their customers but also fostered a sense of community and collaboration, setting the stage for a more resilient and innovative future in the world of packaging. 

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